Remote Control

Remote Type Infrared

For the various camera brands the range of features controllable by an infrared remote control vary considerably. While Fuji, Nikon und Pentax only offer a simple shutter release, with Olympus cameras even zoom and focus can be controlled. In the remote control frame DSLR Remote only provides the appropriate buttons. An overview on what features are available with a camera of a given brand is shown in the following table.

  S 2S W T + -
Canon    x    x        
Fuji    x          
Minolta    x    x        
Nikon    x          
Olympus    x      x    x    x    x
Pentax    x          
Sony    x    x        

Remote Type Cable

For controlling your camera via the shutter release cable socket, independent of the camera brand, the functions Shutter (S) und Focus (F) are available.