Cable control via Bluetooth Stereo Headset

If you would like to remotely control your camera over a greater distance, you only have to combine a prepared cable for use with DSLR Remote with a commercially availabe Bluetooth stereo headset (see Hardware/Bluetooth). For how to operate a Bluetooth headset with your smartphone/tablet please refer to the manual of your smartphone/tablet and headset, respectively.



To remotly control your camera with DSLR Remote via Bluetooth, proceed as follows:

1. Plug the 3.5 mm jack of the trigger cable to the connector of the headset

2. Plug the camera's connector of the cable into the matching socket on your camera

3. If not yet done, activate the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone/tablet

4. Switch on the headset and wait until the devices are connected

5. Adjust the volume on the headset to the maximum!

6. Start DSLR Remote on the smartphone/tablet

7. Open the Settings window an choose the Remote Type Cable, if not yet done

8. In Cable Settings check the option Bluetooth

Now you are able to control your camera with DSLR Remote in every way (Remote, Timer and HDR), but with a much larger range.