Infrared - passive

The basic layout of the infrared dongle needed for use with DSLR Remote is shown below:

Mainly it consists of two inrared LEDs connected to the tip and center ring of a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack. There are many ways to build such a dongle but they all share the same principle shown above. Below described is the construction of a rather compact IR dongle.

What you need:

- 2 infrared LEDs (940-950 nm, 10-20°) e.g. LD 274-3 or some LEDs from unused TV remote controls

- 1 stereo audio jack, 3.5 mm

- sanding paper

- instant glue

- duct tape or better heat shrink tubing

- side cutter or equivalent

- soldering iron and solder tin

Sand off one side each of the LEDs where they later can be glued together. Make sure to sand off the same side on both LEDs.





Side view of the sanded LEDs.






Glue together the LEDs with some instant glue...






...and bend the leads to the inside as shown in the picture.






With a side cutter remove the extendings ends of the leads.






Unscrew the cover of the audio jack...






...and remove the ground connector...


 bending it forth and back several times.






Clamp the LEDs between the two remaining connectors ...






...and solder the LED leads to them.






Cut a matching piece of heat-shrink tubing and place it covering most of the LEDs and the upper part auf the jack. If no heat-shrink tubing is available just wrap some duct tape around for insulation.

Schrink the tubing with a heat gun or a lighter.


Ready to use!