Infrared - active

If the maximum volume of your smartphones/tablets is not sufficient to drive the passive IR dongle, the layout shown below is very likely a working alternative for DSLR Remote to remotely control your camera via the infrared receiver:


Mainly it consists of two transistors via resistors connected on one side with opposing polarities to the tip and center ring of a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack and on the other side with a battery and an infrared LED.

What you need:

- 2 transistors BC 547 C (B type will most likely work, too)

- 4 resistors 330 Ω

- 1 stereo audio jack, 3.5 mm

- 1 infrared LED (940-950 nm, 10-20°) e.g. LD 274-3 or some LED from an old TV remote controls

- 1 lithium button cell (3 V) or 2 alkaline button cells (1.5 V)

- 1 switch

- instant glue

- duct tape or better heat-shrink tubing

- side cutter or equivalent

- soldering iron and solder tin