Changelog / Wish List

Current wish list for next versions:

- trigger the shutter by "light" via the built-in proximity sensor

- optional GUI rotation by 180° for smartphones with audio connector at "wrong" side

- persistant storage of timer and HDR parameters, respectivelly, as "profiles"

- "mirror lock-up" using a camera specific shutter delay ("2s", "3s" or the like)

- a more obvious distinction between "button pressed" and "button not pressed"

- option for cable S "S button without focus signal" to prevent the camera from focusing again on shutter release (after pre-focusing with the F button)

- motion trigger via the built in acceleration sensors

- motion trigger via live view of the camera

- GPS trigger (absolute und difference)

- option to write a GPS protocol with geo data for each picture taken

- continue running Timer or HDR sequence in the background (e.g. when the display is switched off)

- test option for an IR dongle

- bulb ramping in Timer mode

The sequence indicates in no way the significance of the subject. They will be addressed "as occasion arises".


21.10.2013 - DSLR Remote Plus - Version 1.0

Donate version with additional features:

- Integrated ND calculator

- Home screen widget for shutter release

- Control via the devices volume buttons

- Exposure end notification

- Video Start/Stop button for Sony NEX cameras

21.10.2013 - DSLR Remote - Version 1.9

- Random timer mode

- HDR exposure times up to 2h feasible

- Dispay of the remaining exposure / pause time in HDR mode

- Selectable IR-Signal to be used in Timer or Random mode ('S' or '2S', if available)

- Advanced Settings: frequency of the signals for cable control adjustable

08.09.2013 - Version 1.8.3

-  Erweiterung des S4/Canon-Bug-Fix

15.08.2013 - Version 1.8.2

- Automatic volume control deactivated when using built-in IR blaster

- Galaxy S4 mini / Canon combo should be working now

30.07.2013 - Version 1.8.1

- Bug-Fix for the HTC One running JellyBean 4.2.2

02.07.2013 - Version 1.8

- Support for the built-in IR blaster of the HTC One [M7]

24.06.2013 - Version 1.7.1

- S4/Canon issue solved

29.03.2013 - Version 1.7

- Support for the built-in IR blaster of Samsung devices

22.02.2013 - Version 1.6.1

- Bug fix for astro mode

21.02.2013 - Version 1.6

- App2SD

- New setting: Trigger time adjustable (Cable mode)

- New setting: Option to show status bar

- New HDR setting: Optional dark frame related delay in HDR mode

- Advanced Settings: Swap Audio Channels (Cable mode)

- Advanced Settings: Choose Stream Type

05.03.2012 - Version 1.5

- Potential new cable hardware layout (referred to as "Cable S" in the settings; existing cable layout is from now on referred to as "Cable A")

- 1/3 EV and 2/3 EV steps in HDR mode possible

- Screen timeout is disabled during timer or HDR run to prevent timing process from stopping.

- Bug-Fix: "NumberPicker only accepts text input after clicking '+' or '-'"

- Bug-fix: "Crash when starting sequence of 9 shots in HDR mode"

31.01.2012 - Version 1.4.1

- Bug-Fix: "Crash when using audio trigger in Timer or HDR mode"

30.01.2012 - Version 1.4

- New feature "Audio Trigger"

- New option "mirror lock-up" in HDR mode

02.01.2012 - Version 1.3.2

- Bug fix: "Crash after settings change from 'Cable (Bluetooth)' to 'Infrared'"

- Bug fix: "A maximum of 200 shots can be set in timer mode"

18.12.2011 - Version 1.3.1

- Hints to the website in market screenshots and the app's info panel

16.12.2011 - Version 1.3

- New feature "Light Trigger"

- New feature "Cable control via Bluetooth"

- New Setting (Display) "Orientation" to choose a screen orientation

- Bug fix: "GUI resets on screen rotation"

- Limitation of the available shutter speeds in HDR mode when using IR remote control (according to the chosen camera type/brand)

- Adjustment of the shutter signal of the cable control, to ensure correct long time bulb exposures in remote mode

01.12.2011 - Version 1.2

- New setting (Display) "Brigthness" to reduce screen brightness while running a timer or HDR sequence

- New setting (Display) "Keep screen on" to prevent a display timeout, turning off the screen automatically

- Bug fix: "Canceling a HDR sequence run doesn't work with cable control"

26.11.2011 - Version 1.1.1

- Correction of a small error in the Nikon IR protocol which prevented it from working with IR capable Nikon accessories like the Meike battery pack

- Longer pauses between shots in HDR mode possible (up to 10 minutes)

22.11.2011 - Version 1.1

- The set values in Timer and HDR frame, respectively, are saved

- Timer controlled HDR bracketing (set HDR sequence values first, then in Timer frame press the menu button and choose HDR)

- Astro mode (red lettering on dark background) for dazzle free display in night operation

15.11.2011 - Version 1.0.1

- visualization of the parametrized sequence in HDR mode, including highlighting the current shot or pause

07.11.2011 - Version 1.0

- Internationalization (default=English, additional=German)

- new Icon

- Published on Android Market

26.10.2011 - Version 0.9.1

- global setting "Trigger" for cable control bulb mode ("Shutter", "Shutter and Focus" and "Focus then Shutter")

- global setting "Lead Time" for trigger type "Focus then Shutter" (0...250ms)

25.10.2011 -Version 0.9

- re-implementation of the timing control (should result in more acurate shutter speed)

- HDR function complete (with settings for delay between two consecutive shots and the highest shutter speed possible)

- redesign of the info frame

22.10.2011 - Version 0.8.2

- automatic volume control

- improved canon IR profile (?)

20.10.2011 - Version 0.8.1

- profile visualization in the title now with display of the remote type (Infrared/Cabel)

- first HDR beta version

16.10.2011 - Version 0.8

- cable control complete (S und F generate permanent signals as long as the particular button is pressed; bulb mode in timer mode)

- info frame with content

12.10.2011 - Version 0.7

- Sony protocoll changed and functional

- bug "sometimes black colored text on timer buttons" eliminated

- cable signal optimized and two signal channels established

11.10.2011 - Version 0.6

- redesign of the entire GUI

10.10.2011 - Version 0.5

- redesign of the GUI of the remote frame

- Visualization of the chosen camera profile (brand) in the title

06.10.2011 - Version 0.4

- added IR protocol for Minolta and Fuji - additional features W and T (zooming) together with + and - (Focus) for Olympus

- bug “crash by fierce clicking” eliminated

05.10.2011 - Version 0.3

- added IR protocol for Olympus

- bulb mode

- plausibility check for interval time and shot count (maximum of 1 shot, if interval is deactivated or set to 00:00:00)

04.10.2011 - Version 0.2

- added IR protocol for Canon, Nikon und Sony

03.10.2011 - Version 0.1

- first beta version of the remote and the timer mode

- Pentax IR protocol