DSLR Remote

DSLR Remote is an app for Android smartphones and tablets, enabling you to remotely control your digital reflex camera. But it's not just an ordinary remote control, it provides you with the possibility to take timer controlled series of shots, e.g. for time lapse, long time exposures and sequences of shots in the context of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.

Using DSLR Remote your camera can, depending on its technical capabilities, be controlled in two different ways. Either the smartphone in conjunction with DSLR Remote operates as an infrared remote control or as a cable release. In either case you will need a small, inexpensive and easy to built hardware, which is to be connected to the smartphones/tablets audio output.

As easy as the layout of the hardware and the operation of DSLR Remote is, please be aware that the construction of the hardware and its use in combination with a smartphone/tablet and DSLR Remote is on your own risk. The author of DSLR Remote assumes no liability whatsoever for any resulting damage. Furthermore no garantuee is assumed for DSLR Remote to work properly in conjunction with your smartphone and/or camera. Regarding the smartphone/tablet the proper function mainly depends on the maximum ear phone output volume. Also not all camera types of a particular brand seem to behave in the same way regarding the infrared signal. At the time beeing there seem to be problems particularly with some camera types from Canon.

Please take into account that DSLR Remote is a hobbyist project and developed and maintained by the author in his spare time. It is still a work in progress and the author is willing to check all error reports and to answer all questions. But please understand that this perhaps might take some time. You will find a discussion thread about DSLR Remote and the hardware in particular in the DSLR-Forum (german). Maybe there are already answers to some of your questions.

If you want to know more about the hardware and its construction you will find the necessary information and how-tos in the section Hardware.

If you already have got the necessary dongle or cable, or would like to know more in advance about the range of functions of DSLR Remote, you will find information about the settings and operation of DSLR Remote in the section Manual.


DSLR Remote is absolutely free of charge and free from ads. But the development and mantainance needs a lot of time and sometimes a bit of money, too. So, if you like DSLR Remote and think about supporting the further development you might consider to:


Many thanks in advance